Letter: Charles Thomas letter

To the editor:

I have recently had the chance to speak to employees, former patients and friends regarding the negative presidential campaign. Both candidates for president have baggage and we are being bombarded by their imperfections.

I have detected a notable problem expressed by many of the women with which I spoke. That is the tape that was revealed by the New York Times.

The many sins of the Times aside, I cannot condone the behavior of Trump, but I would caution that there is a difference between his behavior and Hillary Clinton’s.

In reality, Donald Trump’s indiscretions are minor compared to the drastic foreign policy decisions, unsolved murders (10 by my count), political subterfuge, as well as the economic burden placed on the United States by Hillary Clinton and I haven’t even mentioned Bill Clinton. The New York Times, the media and the Democrats will continue to pile on Trump with phony social issues to muddy the water.

The reality is that there are only two choices for president. That’s our system. If you don ‘t vote, you lose. If you vote for a third party candidate, you lose. So, the wise voter will vote with one objective in mind – the salvation of this country and the Constitution of the United States.

Remember, disgusted you may be, you are not voting for a Boy Scout leader or choir director. You are voting for someone who can put this country back on track and make it great again.


Charles R. Thomas