Marriage Licenses – October 14

Marriage licenses

Darcie Bailey and Jeffery Lynn, both of Greenwood

Kenneth Rackley Jr. of Indianapolis and Jordyn Johnson of Greenwood

Ryan McKain and Adrianna Hartman, both of Franklin

Shelby Barr of Bargersville and Jacob Moran of Franklin

Shane Smith and Brandy Baker, both of Edinburgh

Andrew Seay of Greenwood and Shelby Salazar of Franklin

Dennis Kight of Indianapolis and Kellie Ross of Franklin

Ashley Owen and Brett Thomas, both of Greenwood

Michael Justice and Ali Driver, both of Greenwood

Fabio Cruz and Suzete Mazza, both of Greenwood

Alecia Mulry and Jacob Achgill, both of New Whiteland

Kelsey Sebastian and Brian Bray, both of Franklin

Allyson McKinzie of Greenwood and Andrew Pearce of Martinsville

Jacob Driver and Kristen Duke, both of New Whiteland

Lauren Starlin of Crawfordsville and Robert Wheeler of Franklin

Jason Wood and Phyllis Burbank, both of Franklin

Ceu Uk Lian of Greenwood and Tha Hlei Thluai Hlawnchin of Australia

Glen Ritz and Tina Glendening, both of Franklin

Kara Adams and Jack McClara Jr., both of Greenwood

Casey Youngblood and Travis Rawley, both of Franklin

Taylor Wiseman and Jennifer Uecker, both of Greenwood

Tony Bireley of Indianapolis and Megan Wright of Bargersville

Michela Jones and Derick Jones, both of Greenwood