Letter: Factory’s overhaul changes topography

To the editor:

As someone who lives only one-half block from Wayne Street in Franklin, I initially was very excited about the plans for the old garment factory. It would bring more opportunities and excitement to downtown Franklin, an area I love.

Family members of at least one of my neighbors on Wayne Street stated that representatives of the city or developers had explained to those neighbors what was to happen and asked for their input. However, I have become convinced that the concerns of most homeowners on Wayne Street are not being considered in the plans for its development. I am afraid that it is now too late. The homeowners are being left with no options.

Once the street work has been completed, the court strip (the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street) and the trees on the north side of Wayne Street will be gone. People who have lived in their homes for decades will find their bedrooms only five feet from the on-street parking. People who have lived in their homes for decades will no longer be shaded by trees on the south side of their homes in the summer time.

In politics, as in most other areas of life, perception is extremely important. What is the perception in Franklin? Are all citizens, property owners, voters valued? I would be most interested in learning what the different homeowners and other property owners were told and whose input was sought.

Anita Sickels Ward