City offers homeowners $100 to get sump pumps inspected

Greenwood property owners could get a $100 credit for their sewer bill if they certify that their downspouts and sump pumps are not illegally connected to the city’s sewer system.

To qualify for the Find it, Fix it Credit, a homeowner will need to have a licensed plumber or home inspector certify that the property is connected properly.

Excess water that enters the sewer system from downspouts and sump pumps can result in overflows during periods of heavy rain. The credit is intended to incentivize homeowners to get the connections checked and fixed so the water ends up in the stormwater system instead.

If the credit is approved by the Greenwood City Council, it will go into effect at the start of 2017 and last one year.

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Jacob Tellers is a reporter at the Daily Journal. He can be reached at or 317-736-2702.