Trafalgar pharmacist gets license suspended

Trafalgar pharmacist gets license suspended

A Trafalgar pharmacist’s license has been suspended by the state after pills were stolen from a pharmacy.

This week, the Indiana Board of Pharmacy voted to suspend the license of Kristin McCoy, according to a news release from the Indiana attorney general.

In August, McCoy told her former employer, CVS Pharmacy, that she had stolen 150 to 200 Alprazolan tablets, which are an anti-anxiety medication, the release said.

The petition was filed to suspend McCoy’s license after determining that allowing her to continue to practice posed a clear and immediate danger to the general public, the release said. The board also suspended the licenses of two other pharmacists in Indianapolis and Syracuse.

“The board’s action demonstrates that we hold health care professionals to a high standard that is required and sends a message that this will not be tolerated,” Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said in the release.

“Each of these pharmacists abused their access to highly addictive prescription pain medication, and in doing so, put the general public in danger.”