BOSTON — Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration is moving to fire one official in the state’s embattled environmental agency and has accepted the resignation of a second after a staffer complained of enduring retribution from superiors.

The administration launched the investigation after Cynthia Lewis claimed she was transferred to the agency’s Fall River office after her fiancĂ©, Democrat J.D. Parker-O’Grady, launched a campaign to unseat incumbent Republican state Sen. Donald Humason of Westfield.

Investigators said Wednesday they found no conclusive evidence the transfer was politically motivated, but discovered other evidence of inappropriate and unprofessional conduct.

The agency is seeking to fire Jared Valanzola, a personnel officer for the agency. Michael Valanzola, the agency’s chief operating officer, has resigned. The men are cousins.

Baker, a Republican, said he supports the findings, but added the investigation took too long.