Letter: Candidate Trump can’t stay on track

To the editor:

I watched (the Sept. 26 presidential debate) debacle from beginning to end on CBS. There seemed to be only one participant. The moderator had difficulty being a moderator. Donald Trump did no debating but used it as a soapbox to pontificate and interrupt. He partially answered one question by refusing to release his tax returns.

If he is such a winner, why is he playing the “Loser’s Limp” card; this time it’s the microphone.

He also played the “Negative Expert” card when confronted by his long-standing position of denying President Obama’s birth citizenship. Negative experts invent a problem and point a finger. When the facts finally emerge, they take credit either way. He “took credit” for “uncovering” Obama’s birth certificate.

In the defense industry we had to really work to weed them out. They were incompetent engineers who got by with it, sometimes for more than a decade.

We now have a massively incompetent candidate who cannot answer a question or stay on track. Instead he has to waggle a finger, sniff and place blame on someone to avoid showing how ignorant he is on the issue at hand. The media need to treat him as the charlatan he is instead of as a respectable, intelligent candidate.

Donald A. Smith