Center Grove man loses $8,000 in scam

A Center Grove area resident was scammed out of $8,000 by a man who claimed his grandson had been arrested and could face federal charges.

The resident reported the scam to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. He told deputies he received a call on Monday from someone claiming to be his grandson, according to the police report.

The caller gave the phone to two other men, who identified themselves as sergeants. They told the resident his grandson was involved in a crash and police had found several guns and narcotics in the vehicle, the report said. They told the resident his grandson could face federal charges and they had an issue with his bond that needed to be resolved, the report said.

The men told the resident to mail cash to bond companies in St. Queens and St. Jamaica in New York. The resident mailed two separate packages, one with $7,500 in cash and the other with $8,000, the report said.

The first envelope was returned, but the second was delivered, the report said.

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