Marriage Licenses – September 30

Sept. 30 Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses

Desiree Shadday and Jarrett English, both of Greenwood

Molly Rigney and Garry Hook III, both of Franklin

Kathy List and Amanda Jordan, both of Franklin

Tesia Robinson and Justin Clingerman, both of New Whiteland

Larry Binnie and Lerittia Ingram, both of Greenwood

Chelsea Faver and Kameron Bates, both of Greenwood

Donald Scott II and Lisa Bradshaw, both of Greenwood

Clark Wehmeier and Jaclyn Slushers, both of Franklin

Kaitlin Butler of Franklin and Reba Collins of Whiteland

Casey Blades and Jason Owen, both of Franklin

Justin Stevenson and Mary Smith, both of Whiteland

Jennifer Holden and Elizabeth Ewart, both of Greenwood

Chelsea Purdue and Jeffrey Wimmenauer Jr., both of New Whiteland

Joshua Thompson and Brianna Modica, both of Bargersville

Richard Hine and Regina Hine, both of Greenwood

Ashley Johnson and Rusty Holzworth, both of Bargersville

Earl Williams and Barbara Williams, both of Franklin

Amie Caviness and Rex Blackledge, both of Greenwood

Kiersten Tuggle and Andrew Labanauskas, both of Bargersville