Letter: Young the genuine choice for Senate

To the editor:

Evan Bayh is not who many Hoosiers think he is! Don’t be fooled!

When Evan Bayh left the Senate, he put Indiana and her people in his rear-view mirror and he never looked back. That is, until July came around. Leaving the Senate, Bayh joined the same moneyed interests that he bemoaned as having too great an influence on the Senate. Now he’s pulling down six-figure salaries from big time lobbying firms.

In contrast, Todd Young is real, genuine and forthright. He is a disciplined leader who has never left Indiana. A Naval Academy graduate, Todd Young put on a uniform and pledged to serve and protect our nation and her people in the U.S. Marine Corps. He knows what it means to put country above himself. He bunks in his office and returns home to spend two out of three nights in the community he represents.

Todd has also earned a reputation for championing innovative ideas to cut government spending while working to improve the lives of Hoosiers and all Americans. Todd introduced bipartisan legislation designed to make it easier for students to pay for college, known as income share agreements.

These agreements are an innovative way to address a growing crisis that affects many Hoosier students and middle class families. This legislation Young put forward is good for students and good for society.

Another area where he leads on is with social impact partnerships legislation to make sure welfare works. In that legislation, Young has shown that being both a conservative and compassionate are not mutually exclusive.

Young is one of us! He’s a Hoosier who will make an excellent senator. The time has come to move on, look forward and choose a new, real and proven leader! Bayh had his chance he left it and us behind. He chose the Potomac when he could have had the Wabash. It’s time for new leadership in the Senate, leadership that actually cares about Hoosiers! It’s time for Todd Young!

Jim Sullivan