Letter: Don’t vote for GOP in upcoming election

To the editor:

Are you disgusted or angry with the way the government seems to have left many people still behind the eight ball? Before you pull the lever this fall, if you decide to vote, please think seriously about who got us where we are today. It started way before Obama became president.

We have been fed a line of baloney about getting government off our backs and accusations of government waste and excess regulation since Reagan let the corporate foxes in the hen house. At every step, we have been sucker-punched by getting minuscule tax cuts while the big-money folks got huge tax cuts.

Corporations have gained billions from deregulation while we, the people, have paid for it with cutbacks in services and opportunities in every aspect of our lives. The leader of this campaign of deception and rip-off is the Republican Party which was high-jacked by corporate money in the 1980s. It is no longer the party that I served for over 30 years.

The Republican Party does not deserve to be in charge of anything affecting ordinary people. We are still being fed the same load of baloney by a reality-show con artist with the Republican banner.

If you are a baseball fan, you know what “Throw the bums out!” means. It is time to do that at the voting booth. Vote for somebody, anybody, but make sure it is not a Republican. When it is time to clean house, do the job completely.

Donald A. Smith