OWENSBORO, Ky. — The alleged victim in the criminal case against former University of Kentucky board chairman Billy Joe Miles has received death threats and other harassment since the charges were filed, a prosecutor said.

An attorney for Miles has denied any involvement by his client or any member of his family.

Miles, a prominent businessman in Daviess County, pleaded not guilty Monday to rape, sodomy and bribing a witness, according to media reports. Miles, 76, was charged by a grand jury in early September.

Barbara Whaley, an assistant state attorney general who is prosecuting the case, cited nine occasions since Miles’ indictment in which the alleged victim has been contacted or harassed. Those included death threats left on the alleged victim’s car windshield and an incident when someone threw a hammer that smashed the alleged victim’s windshield while she was driving, Whaley said.

Miles, 76, has posted a $150,000 cash bond, with the condition that he not have contact with the woman.

At Monday’s hearing, Whaley requested that Miles’ bond conditions be amended to order Miles’ family and any of Miles’ employees to not have contact with the woman as well.

“The victim lives in fear of her life,” the motion said.

Robert Eggert, one of Miles’ attorneys, denied Miles or his family had any contact with the woman.

“We have no problem agreeing that the family members have no contact with (the woman),” Eggert said. “They have not had contact with her, they don’t want contact with her, the business doesn’t want contact with her and he (Miles) has been in the hospital for several days.”

According to the motion, the alleged victim found white lettering on her vehicle windows that read “testify” and “I will kill you.”

Another time, the woman said she was returning home from a work assignment when her car became engulfed in flames. State police are investigating. The motion cited another instance when the alleged victim’s home alarm system activated and police found a bedroom window was raised. Four days earlier, the woman’s car was “keyed” and a tire cut, the motion said.

The motion also said the woman received a “fearful” Facebook message from a person identified as an employee of Miles Transportation Inc.

The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office has said it responded to a call on July 2 regarding a report of sexual abuse that allegedly occurred at Miles’ home address. “Investigators subsequently interviewed a 29-year-old woman who stated that Mr. Miles sexually assaulted her in the early morning hours at that address,” the sheriff’s office said.