Marriage Licenses – September 23

Marriage licenses

Ladiana Harris and Robert Coleman Jr., both of Greenwood

Nicholas Davis and Jenna Harden, both of Franklin

Ashley Deel and Kyle Dawe, both of Greenwood

Jason Struder of Greenwood and Savannah Stapleton of Mooresville

Joshua Cowan and Jacqueline Miller, both of Greenwood

Trey Godwin of Whiteland and Kalee Funkouser of Greenwood

Brenda Wilson and Storey Scherrer, both of New Whiteland

Ashley Bauer and Adam Joyce, both of Franklin

Cory Barker of Evanston, Wyoming, and Caitlin Warren of Trafalgar

Kenneth Sumner and Paula Williams, both of Bargersville

Sami Ali of Indianapolis and Jordan Burnett of Greenwood

Matthew Collier and Nina Nuttall, both of Whiteland

Jessica Willis and Andrew Szymkow, both of Greenwood

Jasmine Forrester and Daniel Cooper, both of Greenwood

Robert McFadden III and Tonya Evanoff, both of Franklin

Brandy Allen and Joshua Harveth, both of Greenwood

Ian Lotts and April Thompson, both of Whiteland

Michael Feldhake and Malinda Gates, both of Greenwood

Jennifer Kern and Bradley Carnes, both of Greenwood

Kelsey Gritt and Samuel Schabel, both of Greenwood

Jason Kephart and Amber Chance, both of Whiteland

Adalyn Haggard of Avon and Jesse Caldemone of Greenwood

Kari Findley and Matthew Rhinehart, both of Greenwood

Ashley Shinnamon and Spencer Rodimel, both of Bargersville

Jordan Bryant of Greenwood and Bryan Hope of Louisville, Kentucky

Kevin Schneider and Ashley Gentry, both of Greenwood

Lisa Parobek and Saad Sadik, both of Whiteland

Kyle Loy and Alicia Johnson, both of Greenwood

Candie Palmer and Teresa Holden, both of Bargersville

Tresty Bilendo and James Eaton, both of  Franklin

Jill Maloy and Aaron Johnson, both of Greenwood

Maxwell Crawford and Kristy Green, both of Greenwood

Molly Rigney and Garry Hook III, both of Franklin

Desiree Shadday and Jarrett English, both of Greenwood