Letter: Radical Bayh isn’t fighting for Hoosiers

To the editor:

Todd Young for Senate.

I am deeply angered by the recent revelations about Evan Bayh’s pay-to-play super-lobbying as a senator. He often brags about being a “bipartisan” senator, but the only times he broke from his party was when it suspiciously benefited his future employers.

He voted on tax breaks for Big Oil and exemptions for banks and private equity firms. Three weeks after Bayh “retired,” there he was making millions on the same companies who benefited from his votes. This is a man who ranted and raved as he left the Senate about all the revolving door and partisanship and the big money influence, only to turn around in that revolving door and begin contributing to and profiting from the very system he “despised.”

To quote our vice president, what a load of malarkey. Evan Bayh has clearly demonstrated where his sympathies lie, and they aren’t with Hoosiers. The only reason he is running is to try and replace a conservative with a liberal and help take over the Senate. Don’t forget the president will nominate the next Supreme Court justices and the Senate will confirm them, which can change our America into a radical and socialistic nation.

James Long