ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Residents in some of the most populated areas of Alaska are being warned to batten down the hatches as a storm is expected to bring winds up 100 mph.

A high wind warning was in effect from Tuesday evening through Wednesday afternoon for more than 200 miles of coastal Alaska, from the eastern Kenai Peninsula to Cordova, in Prince William Sound.

The warnings also include parts of the Anchorage area until 10 a.m. Wednesday. The emergency management agency is warning that higher elevations could see the extreme winds as the storm moves through the Gulf of Alaska from the Bering Sea.

The Kennicott, a state ferry, was traveling Tuesday from Juneau to Yakutat, where it will wait until seas in the gulf subside before resuming its voyage.

In Anchorage, airport officials are warning owners to make sure their planes are securely tied down. And the fire department on Wednesday is opening up a lot where residents can dispose of the expected woody debris that will come with the storm.