CLEMSON, S.C. — Prosecutors say two men have been fined $200 each after pleading guilty to lying to police about the person who chipped a large piece off of prized Howard’s Rock at Clemson’s football stadium.

Solicitor Walt Wilkins said in a news release that 20-year-old Alden Gainey and 49-year-old Michael Rogers pleaded guilty Monday to giving false information to police. Court records show they can choose to pay the $200 fine or spend 30 days in jail.

It’s a tradition for Clemson players to touch the rock before taking the field on game days.

Wilkins says the men met and agreed to say they were just taking pictures of the rock after being caught on surveillance video.

Rogers’ son, Micah Rogers, destroyed the protective case around the rock and chipped off a large piece in June 2013. A jury found him guilty of a lesser charge in July 2015 and he was allowed to serve 25 days of community service to avoid 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

No. 5 Clemson plays at Georgia Tech on Thursday night.

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