Marriage Licenses – September 16

Marriage licenses

Tyler Estes of Greenwood and Miriam Molina of Mexico

Haley Deem and Patrick Rose, both of Franklin

Daniel Lewellen Jr., and Emily Pettijohn, both of Trafalgar

Andrew Kinnaird and Jenna Page, both of Greenwood

Shelby Shaffer and Luke Calvert, both of Greenwood

Christopher Bushong and Jamie Dampier, both of Greenwood

Amber Vannelli and Jonathan Biggs, both of Greenwood

Charles Miller of Franklin and Teresa Gayhart of Louisville, Kentucky.

Carrie Stewart and Samantha Stewart, both Whiteland

Tony Hull and Carrie Farmer, both of Franklin

Slavica Childs and Tyler Road, both of Greenwood

Timothy Turner and Anita Scott, both of Greenwood

Richard Hayes and Seleena Renteria, both of Greenwood

Heather Browning-Ramsay and Wendi Mullins, both of Franklin

Balbib Kaur and Jatidner Singh, both of Greenwood

Kristin Paul and Meng Her, both of Greenwood

Jessica Parrott and Tyler Lockwood, both of Greenwood

Brian Smith and Lisa Sparks, both of Whiteland

Jered Marriott and Nicole Greig, both of Bargersville

John Dicken and Dina Fentz, both of Bargersville

David Burks and Janet William, both of Franklin

Jon Poole and Tina Osburn, both of Greenwood

Ryan Mangus and Regina Kalen, both of Greenwood

Amber Vest of Franklin and Jose Hernandez, both of Franklin