MONROE, La. — The state has rested its case against West Monroe Police Officer Jody Ledoux, who’s accused of negligent homicide in the December 2014 shooting death of Raymond Martinez, a homeless man.

When court resumes Friday, the defense will introduce its witnesses.

Assistant District Attorney Neal Johnson said in opening arguments that Ledoux fired five shots, two of which hit Martinez. He said Ledoux didn’t act reasonably given that he was responding to a call reporting a drunken person at a convenience store.

The News-Star ( ) reports Thursday’s proceedings began with the calling of additional state witnesses, including a medical examiner who examined Martinez’s body.

Dr. Frank Peretti, a forensic pathologist with the state of Arkansas, says Martinez died as a result of two gunshot wounds involving his upper left extremities.

Defense attorney Michael DuBos said Ledoux was trained to get the threat of the subject secured and to look for cues indicating the possibility of violence.

“When a suspect is a non-compliant, the threat level greatly increase,” DuBos said.

Jurors began hearing the case before state District Judge Alvin Sharp on Wednesday.

Toxicology tests showed the presence of both alcohol and chlordiazepoxide, or Librium, in Martinez’s system. Peretti said his blood alcohol content was 0.192 percent while a second test of fluid located behind the eyes showed a blood alcohol content of 0.245 percent. The legal limit for driving under the influence is 0.08 percent. Going by DWI standards, Peretti said Martinez would have been intoxicated

Additional witnesses questioned included someone who saw the incident and law enforcement personnel in charge of dispatch and crime scene evidence.

Ledoux is currently on paid administrative leave until the eight-person jury decides on a verdict.

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