Letter: Single-issue voter chooses Right side

To the editor:

I am a single-issue voter, I won’t be confused with facts.

The other side tells me quite a tale, and tells it very well;

The liberals I mean to demean for all their sordid acts

And claims of hope and change, the shape they say is swell.

I am a single-issue voter who listens firm to “Fox.”

Its message sent gives clear intent to the deceptive story told;

Hold tight to your guns (the ones on your hip) or climate paradox

Which, supported by the learned sot, would ruin our natural world.

I am a single-issue voter and my lawmakers true

Can fix the ills we now face if only we let them rule.

My fancy never falters to let them do their do

I am content to let them serve for they know I am no fool.

I am a single-issue voter and my faith I won’t deny,

My fundamental take on things sheds light on the living word.

I’ll take a stance of conscience while other sorts don’t try

And bring this with me to the ballot box, the better my reward

I am a single-issue voter so let me have my way.

The rest of you who won’t agree I have some startling news

If you take lightly my full intent to keep you under sway

You’ll find I have the upper hand and you my friend will lose.

This brief report for all to see shows matters can improve,

Just follow strong the Right approach and even Heaven will move.

John Baker