Marriage Licenses – September 9

Jan Backmeyer of Greenwood and Ernest Kegley of Franklin

Courtney McFarland and Jeffrey Turner Jr., both of Greenwood

Brandon Childers and Amber Lasley, both of Franklin

Jacklynn Johnson of Trafalgar and Matthew Miller of Crestwood, Kentucky

Andrew Barr and Danielle Baxter, both of Franklin

Dean Denoon and Kaitlyn Adams, both of Greenwood

Katelyn Miller of Whiteland and Austin Reese of Greenwood

Tessa Bolt and Nicholas Axsom, both of Franklin

Robert Lather III and Amy Jonas, both of Greenwood

Miranda Eakle and Mark Cassity, both of Greenwood

Joshua Mahurin of Indianapolis and Breanna Martin of Greenwood

Zachary Fenton of Greenwood and Brianna Williams of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Eric Shelley and Shannon Shelley, both of New Whiteland

Cassandra Timmons and John McQueen , both of Greenwood

Shem Mukuba and Poline Heard, both of Greenwood

Robert Van Horn and James Johns, both of Greenwood

Richard Cook of New Whiteland and Gloria Cook of Jacksonville, Florida

Hollie Whaley and Devin Hartley, both of Greenwood

Hannah Gill and Carl Hacker, both of Nineveh

Jennifer Burton and Kirk Hatcher, both of Franklin

Lavaughn Eads of Bloomington and David Miller of Franklin

Katherine Duffer and Manuel Torres, both of Edinburgh

Seth Fisher of Greenwood and Calise Hunsicker of Indianapolis

Jonathan Bellucco of Rochester, New York and Stacy Ritter of Franklin

Sara Heldman of Greenwood and Jeffrey Aucoin of Brighton, Massachussetts

Dyana Dayhuff and Thomas Hibbs, both of Franklin