Art Trail: Von Schmidt

Chuck von Schmidt

Home: Long Island, New York

Sculpture name: “Nomme de Terre”

What is it? A 200-pound steel sculpture of a wavy arrow, pointing toward the ground.

What was the idea behind this piece?

“There is an outdoor sculpture exhibit that I’m part of every year in Garrison, New York, on a farm. I wanted to do a landscape, so what I did was, by making my initials and putting them on a the landscape, I made it my artwork.”

What is your focus as an artist?

“I have a lot of interests in the environment, the world we live in, man’s condition. As an artist, I comment on these different things.”

What is the benefit of having a sculpture on a trailway like this?

“This is a beautiful setting, and I’m thrilled to have such great exposure. This really ideal. You have enough distance where the art doesn’t just pop up on you. You can see how many cars are coming by here, and a lot of people are going to get to enjoy this over the next two years.”

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