Art Trail: Gray

Maureen Berquist Gray

Home: Interlochen, Michigan

Sculpture name: “Figure”

What is it? A bright red metal sculpture representing the interconnectedness of nature.

What was the idea behind “Figure”?

“It is what I consider almost four-fold. It is a crop circle. The figure itself could be a human figure, a fish or a bird. In my mind, everything is linked — the planet, the trees, the birds, us.”

What approach do you take to your work?

“My work generally deals with mysteries. When I’m sculpting a stone, I’m trying to bring part of the planet into the piece as well look at the mystery of what life is about. There are so many different parts to where we’re living.”

What does art mean to you?

“I’ve known I’ll be an artist since I was in third grade. There was no doubt in my mind. I was a quiet kid, so drawing was a place where I felt most whole. Sculpting is the same thing: it’s my meditation.”

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