A woman trying to avoid a dog in the road drove into a Center Grove area retention pond and had to be rescued from the top of her vehicle.

Just after 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, emergency workers were called to Morgantown Road, near Center Grove Middle School North, where a vehicle had driven into a retention pond.

They found the driver, Amanda Reed, 29, Greenwood, sitting on top of the vehicle, which had been submerged in the pond, according to the accident report.

Reed told police she was driving on Morgantown Road, between Fairview and Smith Valley roads, when a dog ran into the road. She swerved to avoid the dog, and drove into the pond, according to the accident report from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

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Firefighters arrived within about five minutes of the call to 911, White River Fire Chief Jeremy Pell said.

The vehicle was submerged, but was not moving or sinking, he said.

Firefighters got into the water and gave Reed a life preserver, and helped her get to shore safely, Pell said. The fire department had called for a boat, but Reed wanted to get out of the water so they did not use it, he said.

She was out of the water within about 15 minutes of the call to 911, Pell said.

Reed was not injured and declined medical attention, the accident report said.

Firefighters later removed the vehicle from the pond, he said.

Reed did everything she was supposed to after the crash, including getting on top of the vehicle, Pell said.

In this pond, the water is about 4.5 feet deep, so her vehicle was not completely submerged, he said.

The last water rescue the fire department did was about a year ago, he said.

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