Hearts & Darts – September 5


Thank you to the man who found a wallet along the side of U.S. 31 containing a Franklin Community High School student’s ID and returned it intact to the school’s main office. We somehow neglected to get your name, but there was one happy young man in the office when his wallet was returned to him. With all the negative news these days, it’s refreshing to know there’s also a lot of good in this world.

Emily Goad


I would like to thank Franklin College, Doug Grant and all the students who participated at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center in their FOCUS day activity. The work the 35 students, mentors and the college staff accomplished saved my staff of four about a week’s worth of labor. The groups of students this year accomplished more work in a shorter time than any we have had so far. We look forward to being a part of this activity every year. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Joe Park

executive director,

Indiana FFA Leadership Center

A huge heartfelt shout out to Dan Dugan and Dugan Air for being an outstanding business and incredibly generous community member. Dugan Air eagerly came to assist us at Indian Creek Middle School when our air conditioners were broken. We no air during extremely hot and humid days. Dan Dugan purchased two temporary units and personally delivered them to us so that we could have cooler air until our air conditioner could be replaced. Although he was not the contractor hired to replace the broken system, Dan did what he could to provide relief from the heat.

Kelly Neal

Indian Creek Middle School