Marriage Licenses – September 2

Marriage licenses

Tyron Selkirk and Aliedre Schumaker, both of Greenwood

Samantha Seider and Shawn Flake, both of Whiteland

Brian Cochran of Greenwood and Julie Miley of Indianapolis

John Edmondson of Indianapolis and Linda Leone of Greenwood

Cory Goss and Shelby Cross, both of Greenwood

Lauren Benavides and Christopher Guess, both of Greenwood

Cameron Carter and Nike Novak, both of Greenwood

Ellen Burklow and Ericka McCrory, both of Franklin

James Durbin and Laura Sanders, both of Greenwood

Heather Andrews and Craig Harvey, both of Franklin

Melinda Stargell and Tyler Zapfe, both of Nineveh

Taylor Ciciura and Jesse Moss, both of Franklin

Haley Delay and Justin Davenport, both of Whiteland

Erika Engle and Brandon Pierce, both of Franklin

Kacee Murphy and Nicole Montembeault, both of Greenwood

Jeffrey Turley and Jennifer Spruill, both of Greenwood

Joshua Lewis and Alisha Dillender, both of Franklin

Brent Shepherd and Jennifer Ellis, both of Greenwood

Kayla Vick and Joseph Hiatt, both of Bargersville

Laura Cabral and Andrew Summers, both of Greenwood

Evan Sommers of Greenwood and Sharaya Woodmansee of Huntington

Bonnie Haley and Charles Thomas, both of Greenwood

Joshua Wells of Franklin and Rebecca Kortepeter of Greenwood

Colby Jones and Amanda Wenning, both of Franklin