Franklin schools studying demographics

Daily Journal staff reports

Franklin school leaders will learn this fall how the student enrollment is expected to grow or change in the coming years.

A demographer who has studied future enrollment changes for other school districts is now digging into Franklin data.

Susan Brudvig will look at birth rates, population, the housing market and proposed new home construction to estimate how many students will attend Franklin schools in the coming years.

Her report, expected in October, will forecast enrollment growth by grades as well as look ahead to 2026, according to an agreement with the school district. The district hasn’t studied future enrollment in more than seven years, superintendent David Clendening said.

With the information, school officials will be able to match expected enrollment to building capacities and determine where they have too much or too little space available for students.

About 5,000 students attended Franklin schools during the 2015-16 school year. The district has five elementary schools and an intermediate school, middle school and high school.