Marriage Licenses – August 27

Marriage licenses

David Lawson and Diana Barnett, both of Greenwood

Gage Sims and Stephanie Pope, both of Franklin

Fawn McDonald and James Shea, both of Greenwood

Shawn Murray of Morgantown and Kate Burton of Bargersville

Michael Bowling and Lori Warrum, both of Greenwood

Tyler Burton and Valerie Bricker, both of Greenwood

Timothy Hill and Stephanie Parr, both of New Whiteland

Victoria Jeffery and Micheal McCormick, both of Franklin

Aaron Doty and Lindsey Fishel, both of Whiteland

Victor Gomez and Marlet Gama, both of Greenwood

Javier Munoz and Carolyn Long, both of Franklin

Kendall Jewell and Robert Davey, both of Greenwood

Lalena Counterman and Peter Messersmith, both of Franklin

Jeremiah Largent and Katharine Christie, both of Greenwood

Daniel Arevalo and Alicia Gomez, both of Greenwood

Joshua Fortini and Jasmin Cadena, both of Greenwood

Richard Walsh and Nathan Randall, both of Greenwood

Nathan Brown and Traci Brown, both of Franklin

Katelyn Pentecost and Micah Losh, both of Franklin

Timothy Perkins and Erica Thompson, both of Nineveh

Effie Brockelman of Greenwood and Jesse Carson of Beech Grove

Joseph Boat and Tamara Brown, both of Bargersville