Letter: Cooperation resulted in key conviction

To the editor:

As the Brown County prosecuting attorney, I wanted to take a moment to salute and publicly thank Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney Brad Cooper for assisting me in convicting Daniel E. Messel for the murder of Hannah N. Wilson.

I worked for nearly a decade with some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the area: Andy Baldwin, Mark Kamish and Mike Kyle, all of the Criminal Defense Team located in Franklin. While I have tried and won many criminal jury trials, including a homicide case in Fort Wayne, Daniel E. Messel was my first murder trial as a prosecuting attorney.

I learned early on in my career to set aside pride and to reach out to those who have more experience in certain matters. Mr. Cooper took time out of his busy schedule to impart some knowledge drawing from his extensive murder trial experience. He was assisted by many of his deputies, all of whom I call friends. Carrie Miles, Drew Foster, Rob Seet and Daylon Welliver, to name just a few.

All were eager to help pursue justice. Johnson County should be proud to have Brad Cooper, his capable deputies, and his entire staff on their team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Johnson County prosecutor’s office; you played a part in seeking justice for Hannah.

Ted Adams,

prosecuting attorney,

Brown County