Center Grove schools is looking to buy two more homes in a nearby neighborhood and hold on to the land for possible future expansions.

The two homes, both located in Pennington Estates off Morgantown Road, would increase the number of properties the school district owns in that neighborhood to four.

School officials had said earlier this year that they wanted to purchase homes in the neighborhood, which borders land owned by the school district and is just south of Center Grove High School.

This week, school board members approved getting appraisals on two properties at 2946 and 2949 Hornaday Drive. Appraisals are required before the school district could purchase them.

Buying the properties allows for future expansion of facilities or parking, and allows the school district to do long-range planning for the future, according to the resolutions unanimously approved by the school board.

Center Grove already owns two other properties in the neighborhood at 2943 and 3011 S. Morgantown Road, and recently demolished one of those homes.

School officials said their plans have not changed for those properties.

Officials had identified the neighborhood as a key area to buy property because of its location, and because the homes were older, and would likely have a lower price. For example, the homes are valued by the county at $154,900 and $122,700, according to property records.

The school district does not plan to force residents to sell but is instead planning to buy properties as they become available.

Short-term, school officials have said they would likely pay to demolish the homes they purchase, since they don’t need them, and then the property will be vacant until needed. Long-term, the property could be used for multiple purposes, possibly including a future elementary school, parking or expansions of current facilities.

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