Marriage Licenses – August 19

Marriage licenses

Dana Slusher and Tracy Thompson, both of Greenwood

Stephanie Pavey and Matthew Sauer, both of Franklin

Leanne Johns and Adam Davis, both of Greenwood

Shanna Wiseman and Jesse Moore, both of Franklin

Justin Alexander and Caitlin Abernathy, both of Greenwood

Matthew Clark and Jessica Palmer, both of Greenwood

William Rollins and Hayley Neal, both of Greenwood

Stanley Matteson and Courtney Krudy, both of Greenwood

Aaron Beasley of Bargersville and Leyla Espino of Greenwood

Christopher Johnson Sr. and Michelle Johnson, both of Franklin

Brendan Hack and Courtney Gilliland, both of Greenwood

Pamela Carleton and Mark Craven, both of Nineveh

Cynthia Spencer and Daniel Marconi, both of Greenwood

David Lawson and Diana Barnett, both of Greenwood

Gage Sims and Stephanie Pope, both of Franklin

Fawn McDonald and James Shea, both of Greenwood

Shawn Murray of Morgantown and Kate Burton of Bargersville

Michael Bowling and Lori Warrum, both of Greenwood

Tyler Burton and Valerie Bricker, both of Greenwood

Timothy Hill and Stephanie Parr, both of New Whiteland

Victoria Jeffery and Micheal McCormick, both of Franklin

Aaron Doty and Lindsey Fishel, both of Whiteland