Letter: Political postulating not what Hearts are for

To the editor:

I usually read the Hearts & Darts column on the editorial page anticipating a space that allows people in the community to recognize local heroes and the occasional villain, to share their joys and disappointments.

Every Heart but one in the Aug. 1 column recognized the service of various people around Johnson County. The top Heart was for the maker of “Hillary’s America.”

I believe that documentary films such as this accomplish no more than reinforcing the existing biases of those who choose to see them. I suspect that about as many progressives will watch “Hillary’s America” as conservatives who watched Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” for example.

I suggest that the Daily Journal restrict Hearts & Darts content to avoid politicizing such a community forum. A more appropriate place for Mr. Swank’s suggestion would be in letters to the editor. I hope that our paper will protect the local character of the Hearts & Darts column.

Bill Kirklin