Greenwood native publishes kid’s book about Nashville

Greenwood native Jodi Scheve recently published her newest book for children.

The book, “Richie Saves Nashville” is about a boy named Richie who wants to be just like his dad. When a catastrophe hits Nashville, Indiana, Richie makes a big candle to save the town. The illustrator is Kara Barnard from Brown County. She illustrated Sheve’s other books, “The Cow Jumped Over the ABC’s” and “The Sand Crabs Journey Home.”

“I wrote this book to share how kids can do big things no matter how small they are,” Scheve said. “It shows how to use valuable problem solving skills to overcome a challenge.”

Scheve is a 1999 graduate of Greenwood Community High School, and a graduate of Purdue University. She and her husband, Rich, have owned the Twisted Wick candle shop in Brown County for over nine years.

The Scheves have two children, Richie, 6, and Jude, 6 months.