Marriage Licenses – August 12

Marriage licenses

Leroy McClure of Franklin and Margaret Phillips of Louisville, Kentucky

Roger Emmert and Tamara Emmert, both of Greenwood

Shawn Fair and Kelli Pence, both of Greenwood

Alyssa Atwood and Rachel Hommel, both of Whiteland

Crystal Cooper and Zechariah Lorance, both of Franklin

Mariana Tarnarova and Jeremiah Stout, both of Greenwood

Chaunda High and Andrew Waymon, both of Franklin

Ann McCartney of Indianapolis and Tyler Louden of Greenwood

Aaron Smith and Megan Bunting, both of Greenwood

Kayla Hubble of Indianapolis and Brock Witcher of Greenwood

Kelcey Fields of Greenwood and Nicholas Scheidler of Arkansas

Brenda Manning and Jerry Ware, both of Franklin

Margoth Cortez and Victor Cleto, both of Franklin

Michelle Nagel and Richard Peak, both of Trafalgar

Timothy Foulks and Lindsey Pollum, both of Greenwood

Balbir Kaur and Jatinder Singh, both of Greenwood

Michael Toscano and Brooke Harris, both of Greenwood

Brian Wright and Kristine Lentine, both of Greenwood

Alysa Quick and Christopher Oldham, both of Greenwood

Bradley Fox and Stephanie Walls, both of Franklin

Michael Higdon of Franklin and Ann Kuntz of Batesville

Andrea Krebbs and Daniel Petro, both of Franklin

Stephen Brunson and Rachel Pendley, both of Greenwood

Esther Fabian and Elvin Chirinos, both of Greenwood