Marriage Licenses – August 5

John Roach and Katrina Purdy, both of New Whitelabd

Camie Barger and Jeremiah Henson, both of Greenwood

Tesia Robinson and Justin Clingerman, both of New Whiteland

Keith Calvert and Michelle Hutton, both of Franklin

Joshua Burton and Christina Piper, both of Nineveh

Diana Criss and Robert Basey, both of Greenwood

Natalie Bryant and Adam Mitchell, both of Greenwood

Jennifer Martin and Patrick Kelly, both of Greenwood

Andrew Downer and Steffi Snyder, both of Greenwood

Michael Grube Jr. and Ladonna Rogers, both of Franklin

Thomas Milton and Linda Clark, both of Greenwood

Kyle Knapp of Greenwood and Rachel Hankla of Whiteland

Christopher Hill and Richard Smith, both of Whiteland