Letter: Social Security problems need solutions

To the editor:

Very interesting article in July 27 Daily Journal on Social Security benefits, “Save Social Security before expanding it.” I receive several requests from different groups asking for donations to fight for additional benefits for us seniors.

I think it is now some seven different groups that want more and more donations claiming they will help protect and improve Social Security “costs of living” factors. But nothing much has happened. However, one gets the feeling this must be very lucrative for some, including perhaps members of Congress.

There are campaign ads claiming one Indiana congressman even calls it a massive Ponzi scheme even though we seniors, as well as our employers, contributed all of our work lives into this fund.

I question all of this and keep asking myself when are our elected officials truly going to address this serious problem? They all seem to talk around it. Also there are those wanting to use that money for their other pet projects.

The Social Security problems needs to be resolved and solved!

Nick Johnson

White River Township