Hearts & Darts – August 1


  • Our Hearts out to Dinesh D’Souza for making the movie “Hillary’s America.” This is a must-see movie and very informative. Every American should see this movie.

Robert Swank


  • At 8:50 a.m. July 21, I tried to open my garage door and it would not. I called A-1 Garage Doors. Unfortunately, they were unable to help me today. Instead of trying to schedule something for a few days or leaving me on my own, they referred me to Milburn Garage Doors. They were able to fix it quickly and by 9:50 a.m. it was repaired and I was on my way. Great customer service from both!

Robert and Linda Morse


  • A very special thank-you to the local churches and everyone else who helped us move our elementary school to our new school building on July 21 — a very hot and humid day. Your kindness and hard work was very much appreciated

Tim Edsell,


Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson schools

  • Huge hearts to the community for dropping off gift baskets, cards, flowers and food showing their support and appreciation for Franklin police officers. We are blessed to be serving such a great community!

Tim O’Sullivan

Franklin chief of police

  • Hearts to Ray and Goldie Jones for their many years of service to the Johnson County Museum of History. Goldie served as education coordinator for six years, reaching hundreds of children and exciting them about history. Ray, the newest Johnson County Sagamore of the Wabash, has been our go-to man for Johnson County history, for A-V assistance, for moving items — really for whatever task we needed. Both Ray and Goldie have made dozens of trips to schools and community gatherings to present programs about Johnson County. We will dearly miss them.

David Pfeiffer,


Johnson County Museum of History


  • Hearts, hearts and many thanks to all who gave money for Relay for Life. Our team was very successful. A special thanks to the following: Harriet Holbrook, Carolyn Hansen, Kathy Vest, Tammy Giles, Frank and Brenda Green, Pat Murr, Maggie Caudill and Leesa , Jamie and Zach Friedlander. Thanks again to all of you for your generosity .

Wanda Long


  • Hearts and more hearts to the following people who do so much for me allowing me to stay in my home. Rex Edwards, Bill and Pat Murr, French & Maggie Caudill, John and Jayme Spruill and John and Lavern Webb. Thanks again and I appreciate all of you for your help.

Wanda Long