Hearts & Darts – July 25


Darts to the Daily Journal for not letting people know that Tony Stewart was going to be at the Columbus Fair (July 11) signing autographs and letting fans get pictures with him. He’s not just Columbus’ hometown boy, he’s Indiana’s hometown boy, too. I’m sure there was somewhere you could have added this article.

Becky Martin


Darts to the Greenwood Police Department again this year for their after-the-fireworks procedures. I always watch from south of the fireworks off Apryl Drive just east of U.S. 31. When I tried to leave the area after the fireworks the police directed me north, directly into the crowd. I wanted to turn south but was forced north into the traffic. I complained two years ago about this same issue. Last year it appeared someone listened and traffic was directed south. But this year someone decided it was better to make things worse. What has happened to common sense?

Sheila Marcum