Letter: Society’s trend not boding well

To the editor:

I continue to be struck by a pervasive sense of national disillusionment and angst — possibly reinforced by current presidential campaign tactics that arguably are beneath the dignity of the nation’s highest office.

Somehow I cannot escape a clear sense of cultural decline in this great nation and am increasingly concerned that many in our nation have embraced a culture dismissive of traditional moral and artistic values — an attitude that may partially reflect a self-centered mentality unaware of any boundaries imposed by natural and/or divine law.

If true, the trend does not bode well for the character of a nation once built on a culture of honesty, prudence and self-reliance. A seeming retreat from acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s actions may have also fostered an attitude of unwarranted self-esteem and entitlement.

Perhaps more importantly, a mindset ignorant of America’s many God-given blessings while embracing the misguided idea that we are self-sufficient enough to dismiss those blessings could lead to a societal decline not unlike that of the Roman empire.

While I truly hope that my concerns are misplaced and overstated, I do pray that this nation will wake up to the certitude of moral truth and return to the vision of founders who understood the real meaning of “one nation under God.”

David A. Nealy