Letter: Greenwood right to place trailer ordinance

To the editor:

In recent stories, there was a couple concerned with how much power the City of Greenwood had to limit their ability to use their property any way they see fit. They lived in the city limits and had bought a trailer or a boat and wanted to park it in their side yard.

There was a restriction in the city that said they could only park it on a cement pad. They retaliated by hanging it in the air like a hammock. They stated they would have a booth at the city festival to try to collect signatures for their petition to the city of Greenwood to limit their control on what people could do with their property.

I want to say thank-you to the city of Greenwood for protecting the rights of innocent neighbors. Once a trailer or boat is placed in a yard, the weeds begin to grow up around and under it, and rodents and rabbits and snakes collect under it.

They take the trailer or boat out for the weekend and bring it back and park it back in the weeds. They never mow it or clean the area under it. Additionally most city lots are small, and they don’t have a lot of side and/or back yards. So where the neighbor used to look out and see trees, flowers or grass, now they have to look at a big weed patch.

So without such an ordinance, the neighbors couldn’t do anything about it. I am sympathetic to their problem, but I would hope they would see the neighbors’ view point.

They lived in the city when they purchased the trailer, so where did they think they were going to park it? The bottom line is if someone wants to have a trailer or a camper or a boat or all of the aforementioned items,  they need to think about living in the country, where there is plenty of room to park any or all of them without encroaching on a neighbor and there are no such restrictions.

Donna Cale