Hearts & Darts – July 18


  • Hearts to the 2016 Greenwood Freedom Festival Committee. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout the year to make this community event successful. This year’s Freedom Festival was our biggest yet, and these people deserve a ton of credit. Thank you Bryan Brown, Pastor Jason Dailey, Lee Ann Hall, Jim Lamb, Steve Milbourn, Pastor Wayne Murray, Joanna Ryan, Steve Sherwood, Jody Veldkamp and Tony Yingst.

Mayor Mark W. Myers


  • Kudos to the Greenwood Little League. Great facility, great concession stand, and great volunteers. A big thanks!

Nick Johnson

Center Grove, White River Township

  • I didn’t see the foot-deep hole at the corner of Jefferson and Methodist. Stepping in it caused me to fall flat on the ground skinning my knees, elbow and hand. Two drivers stopped and offered aid, which actually made me feel better. Later I brought my wife so see where I had fallen, and the hole had been filled. I suspect someone notified the authorities and prompt action was taken. Thanks to all concerned.

Earl McMillen


  • Thanks to all the Center Grove Little League baseball coaches, workers, volunteers and fans for their time and efforts this 2016 season. A lot of kids get to learn, exercise and experience team efforts and how to get along with others thanks to all these volunteers.

Nick Johnson

Center Grove, White River Township area