Board members to get pay increase at hospital

Members of the board that oversees the budget of the county-owned hospital are getting a pay increase.

The Johnson Memorial Health board of trustees approved a pay increase for board members, which was recently allowed under state law.

Previously, the state had allowed a maximum pay for board members of $3,600 per year. But under new legislation, boards could increase the pay for members to a maximum of $6,000, and a maximum of $7,200 for the chairperson of the board.

Johnson Memorial Health board members unanimously approved setting the pay at the new amounts allowed under state law, according to board minutes.

The state recognized with the new legislation that board members’ pay had not been updated for more than 25 years, while the complexity of issues and time commitment of board members have both increased, president and chief executive officer Larry Heydon said.

The board’s decision reflects what other hospitals around the state have been doing, Heydon said.

Members of the board are Sandi Huddleston, Michael Pauszek, R. Martin Umbarger, Jerry Engle and R.J. McConnell.

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