SWAT team called after man threatens police

After repeated calls to 911 and threats to police that referenced the Dallas shootings, the SWAT team was called to arrest a man at his Bargersville home.

Carl E. Jackson, 44, was arrested on a charge of intimidation and interference with reporting a crime, and police removed a gun and knives from his home after he threatened police officers.

Jackson originally called the police to his home on County Road 144 just before 8 p.m. Saturday, saying he wanted to talk with the detective investigating his relative’s death, which had been ruled a suicide, Bargersville Police Chief Judd Green said.

When officers got to the home, which is near Smokey Row Road, Jackson appeared intoxicated and upset, and police saw a rifle on his porch. Officers asked Jackson if the gun was loaded, and he said that it was and that he was ex-military and a good shot, Green said.

Jackson also told officers that last week’s shooting of 12 police officers in Dallas was a good thing, and needed to happen more, and that he would shoot police officers, Green said.

Officers seized Jackson’s gun, and left the home. But Jackson began calling 911. He called at least 40 times, including one time saying he had shot himself, Green said. Green told emergency workers not to go to the home, and instead had an officer in an unmarked vehicle drive by to make sure Jackson was OK. The officer saw Jackson on the porch, unharmed, Green said.

As the calls and threats continued, police asked for a search warrant for Jackson’s home, so they could look for other weapons he may have, since he had told police when they seized the gun that he had more inside, Green said.

They asked the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team to help. And in the early hours of Sunday morning, the SWAT team surrounded Jackson’s home, went inside and arrested him without any issues, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Randy Werden said.

Police did not find any other guns inside, but did find more than 30 knives, three hatchets, pepper spray and ammunition, Green said.

Deputies and officers were warned to be extra cautious and aware of their surroundings, and just to be safe, Werden said.

During incidents such as this, where a person has threatened to hurt people, officers aren’t going to walk up and knock on the door of the home. And if more of these types of calls come in, the SWAT team and other equipment police departments have for protection will be used, Werden said.

Officers are more on guard after the shootings in Dallas, and the concern that people may try to copy that crime, Green said.

“Tensions right now are running very high,” he said.

That’s why police have to be careful with how they respond, to make sure officers are safe, and to make sure they don’t overreact or underreact to the situation, Green said.

“We’re always going to go to the call, regardless of recent events, but that is on everyone’s minds,” Werden said.

Jackson, 6203 W. County Road 144, was held at the Johnson County jail on $3,200 bond.

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Annie Goeller is managing editor of the Daily Journal. She can be reached at agoeller@dailyjournal.net or 317-736-2718.