Marriage Licenses – July 8

Marriage licenses

Ashley Vicoli of Greenwood and Joseph Mullica of Indianapolis

Hannah Gegg of Mooresville and Samuel Vaught of Bargersville

Austin Klein of Greenwood and Alyssa Agresta of Whiteland

Melvin Thomas and Tonya Rohlfing, both of Greenwood

Ryan Bay of Franklin and Fabiola Aguilar of Georgetown, Texas

Terry Sloat Jr., and Lisa Sears, both of Bargersville

Michael Wolfe and Elizabeth Richardson, both of Greenwood

Amanda Lukins and Billy Bowker, both of Franklin

Stacy Scott and Jessie Couture, both of Greenwood

Tyler Gaskin and Amber Terhune, both of Whiteland

Laura Pluntz and Alan Benjamin, both of Greenwood

Ruthie Leeth and Tyler Gabehart, both of Franklin

Courtney Blumke and Christopher Conklin, both of Greenwood

Mikaela McMillen of Greenwood and Derrick Shipley of Muncie

Brittany Brummett and Clint Seib, both of Franklin

Dustin Swallows of Edinburgh and Felicia Johnson of Nineveh

Rena Hamilton and Demarcus Miller, both of Greenwood

Chelsea Miller and Cody Flynn, both of Bargersville

Kimberly Bailey and Rebecca Bickel, both of Greenwood

Margaret Burchfield and Ryan Peckenpaugh, both of Franklin

Randy Gingerich of Bloomington and Genoveva Kirchner of Greenwood