Work on a new memorial in downtown Bargersville is underway.

Earlier this month, work began on the Founder’s Fountain project, which will feature three fountains with a landscaped area around them. The memorial is just south of the town hall in downtown Bargersville.

The $30,000 project was started by local residents more than a year ago to pay homage to the town’s history and beautify the downtown.

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Previously, the property had been a small swath of grass near the town hall.

When it’s finished, the fountain will feature three boulders with bubbling water features. Stone benches will recognize the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Indiana National Guard. Historical markers will note the founding and history of the town.

“It gives us an enjoyable addition to the downtown Bargersville area. It will provide us with a gathering place for residents and guests to enjoy and reflect on our community values.

“We think it will truly enhance the town and honor our founding families, all branches of the military, including the Indiana National Guard,” volunteer and Bargersville resident Cathy Sanders said.

The location was picked because of its central location to the town. Officials had been discussing a fountain since 2012, and had considered building it in Windisch Park just north of downtown.

But the fountain fit with recommendations from an architecture firm that was studying how to make the downtown more appealing.

The base materials of the fountain and the walking path are now laid out.

About one-third of the money needed for the project has been raised, Sanders said.

Work will continue as the town continues collecting money for the project. People can purchase bricks or pavers, costing $25 to $125, to raise money for the project. The town is also selling engravings with donors’ names that will go on brick pavers around the memorial structure.

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