Letter: Recent tragedy not about guns

To the editor:

The real question surrounding the terrorist threat in America isn’t about guns. It’s about who will accept the misdirection being pumped out by President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and who won’t.

Obama and Clinton are using lies and the raw emotion of a disaster they helped create to usher in a political agenda that has nothing to do with the disaster. They would have you believe two things: One is that all murderous evil would stop if guns didn’t exist, and two is that guns are evil, not people. The facts, however, support neither assertion.

Despite what Hillary and the media would have you believe, the worst school massacre was NOT Sandy Hook and the largest mass murder carried out by a single individual was not Orlando. Both are lies.

The 1927 Bath School massacre in Michigan is the worst school massacre, and the 1990 Happy Land arson fire that intentionally killed 87 in New York was the deadliest attack by a single assailant in American history. Oh, and guess what? Neither involved guns.

The 38 children and six adults murdered at the Bath School were killed by a lunatic with dynamite, and the 87 souls that perished at the Happy Land club burned to death by an arsonist in a gasoline-induced fire. And lest we so quickly forget, the recent Boston Marathon attack was a bombing using a pressure cooker.

Obama and Clinton are lying about both the tools of terror and who uses them. The point in exposing the lies we are being told today is not to diminish the horrible losses suffered in any of these cases. It is to demonstrate the level of deceit that these events are being wrapped in for political advantage.

The lesson of the Bath School massacre is that a deranged and evil person bent on inflicting mass murder will use any weapon available to carry out the task. The lesson of both Boston and the Happy Lake massacre is that no one called for the banning of gasoline or plastic containers or pressure cookers after the attacks.

Perhaps we should focus on the motives and performances of our leaders against these evil attackers rather than the inert tools used in their heinous events.

So again, I remind you it isn’t about guns. It’s about how many liberties we are willing to surrender to those who lie to us.

Mike Pflum