Marriage Licenses – June 24

Marriage licenses

Kimberly Simon and Michael Campono, both of Franklin

Kassandra Knuth of Greenwood and Stefan Wolowec of Martinsville

Erika Philpot and Cori Rubadue, both of Nineveh

Ashley Hagan and Michael Brunsman, both of Greenwood

Daniel Allen of  Greenfield and Amber Meisinger of Greenwood

Marie Stonestreet amd Eric Broyer, both of Trafalgar

Douglas Cox and Jennifer Clark, both of Franklin

Craig McCartt and Koren McEnany, both of Greenwood

Stephen Dickus of Greenwood and TerraDawn Blankenship of Franklin

Christine Picard and Joel Cheesman, both of Greenwood

Kelly Abbott of Indianapolis and Garrett Retz of Greenwood

Rebecca Brown and Alexander Donofrio, both of Greenwood

Denver Alexander of Greenwood and Elizabeth Comingore of Indianapolis

Leanna Hall and Christopher Stephens, both of Greenwood

Shane Shelton and Penny Jones, both of Franklin

Victoria Cooper of Nineveh and Benjamin Patterson of Trafalgar

Rebecca Shoemaker and Dennis Nelson Jr., both of Franklin

Taylor Turley and Brian Schoettle, both of Greenwood

Lauren Chew and Brandon Taylor, both of Greenwood

Kierstyn Grepke of Whiteland and Zachary Painter of Greenwood

James Parker and Julie Parker, both of Greenwood

Ethan Bunce of Brownsburg and Jael Murillo of New Whiteland

Vanessa Hanson of Whiteland and Kerry Reyman of Greenwood

Jennifer Hasty of Anderson and Douglas Deffner of Greenwood

David Hamilton of Franklin and Linda Beckley of Plainfield

Jana Semmler of Indianapolis and Clinton Huber of Greenwood