Letter: Officials deserve praise for finding daughter

To the editor:

My 6-year old daughter disappeared in front of my eyes June 9 at our farm. Thankfully, she was found and she later told us she knew where she was all along.

She was only missing for 10 minutes, but to a mom who was worried about a new interstate exit and someone grabbing her kids and having a quick getaway, it seemed like an eternity.

I had to call 911, and I wanted to thank the 911 operator who talked me through it all until she was found. I was a horrible, frantic mess and you stayed calm. You are amazing. Thank you to the two men from the fire department who just happened to be driving by and heard the call on their radio and spotted her.

Thank you Greenwood police for rushing to the farm. Thank you to the men who are working along Worthsville Road seeding and strawing for jumping in their trucks when they saw me waving them down; they couldn’t hear what I was saying but they could tell something was wrong.

They radioed more people to let them know of the situation and started moving the road closure barricades to block roads just in case someone had taken my child. I pray for those whose nightmare did not end after 10 minutes. Thank you all again.

Jenny Taylor