Investigator: Reported dog scam not police matter

Police have investigated a resident’s report about a dog breeding business, and determined it to be a customer complaint and not a matter for police.

Earlier this month, the resident had called the sheriff’s office to report what she suspected to be a scam involving Purebred Breeders, a Florida-based company.

Since then, a sheriff’s office investigator has contacted the woman and the company, and determined that no crime was committed, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Detective Alex Talley said.

The woman demanded a refund through her credit card company, Talley said. And within a few days, the company refunded her money, company spokeswoman Arielle Schechtman said.

The woman had reported her experience with the company as a possible scam after she was unable to get an immediate refund and said she had been concerned about some communication with the company, the report said.

One concern she raised was the meeting location where she would meet to pick up her dog for which she had paid more than $2,000. The company suggested meeting in an area store parking lot, the report said.

The company typically picks public meeting spots and tries to find one that is convenient for the customer and breeder, Schechtman said.

Another concern the woman raised was that the dog was going to be flown to Indianapolis, but the breeder was in northeast Indiana, the report said.

The puppy was not going to be flown anywhere, and the breeder was in Indiana. The customer was never charged for a flight, Schechtman said.

Purebred Breeders is listed in good standing with the Florida Secretary of State, and a company representative answered an investigator’s questions, including providing the notes of the company’s communication with the customer, Talley said.

— By Annie Goeller

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