Letter: Orlando tragedy sheds light on real problem

To the editor:

Let’s get a few things straight coming out of Orlando.

First, many of the same politicians now giving lofty commentary and expressing such deep regret about what happened created the environment for it to happen — namely Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Both refuse to see these attacks for what they are and wish to convince you the attacks are something they aren’t. Both remain steadfastly in support of policies that will guarantee we are hit again and are more than willing to risk your life and those of your family in the process.

Right after the obligatory expressions of sympathy and the need for prayer, both Obama and Hillary started their deflection campaign. It’s the guns. Take the guns and this will go away. Wrong. We don’t have a gun problem in this country; we have a leadership problem.

The Boston Marathon attack was with a pressure cooker bomb. Do we have a pressure cooker problem? According to a recently published quote one ISIS leader instructed his followers to “Attack Americans with (their) F150s (pick-up trucks) if necessary.” Do we now have an F150 problem?

This country is at war. Not because we wanted it, but because others declared it on us and neither Obama nor Clinton understand that. Neither can bring themselves to even mouth “radical Islam” much less address it. Both want open borders and are actively promoting a refugee invasion that will result in more attacks around the country.

The American people had better learn to recognize the code words of our illustrious leaders and what they really mean:

Gun control: Denial of any and all opportunity to defend yourself in the event of an attack.

Gun-free zones: Soft targets, target-rich environments.

Human refugees: Un-vetted, potential terrorist with ties to organizations that wish to kill Americans.

Racist bigots: Anyone they can’t otherwise convince to buy their lies about who is pouring over our borders.

Increased security protocols: More violations of your civil rights, more access to your personal data, more cameras and more body searches at public events.

We used to be a free and safe country. Elections have consequences, and 50 people in Orlando paid for the most recent one. How many will pay for the next one?

Mike Pflum