More postcards coming for voters

The state is preparing to send a second round of postcards to some voters, and if you get one, you need to check your information.

Last month, the Indiana Secretary of State’s office sent postcards to all voters to verify their address was correct. Voters who got a card did not need to respond.

This month, some voters will get a second postcard. Those postcards are only going to voters whose first mailing was returned as being undeliverable, according to a news release from the secretary of state.

If you get a postcard, you will be asked to fill it out with your address and name and return it to the state, the release said.

Voters have until Aug. 5 to confirm or update their information before the state lists them as inactive. If a voter is listed as inactive, he or she can still vote in November, the release said.

But if a voter remains on the inactive list and does not vote by January 2019, they can be removed from the list of registered voters, the release said.

Federal law requires voting lists to be routinely checked and updated.

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Annie Goeller is managing editor of the Daily Journal. She can be reached at or 317-736-2718.